Marine Lantern


Visibility 5-7 NM

Marine Lantern


Visibility 4 NM

Marine Lantern


Visibility 2 NM

Main features


Marine Lantern is intended for mounting on the buoys the approximate limits of the waterway, at night, of the waterways with unsalted water, namely the right limit and the left limit 2NM and 4NM solar navigation beacons are suitable for marine buoys, indoor buoys, shore signs, fixed poles and drilling signals for offshore oil fields. The 5NM marine flashlight is designed for offshore wind platforms. The degree of protection IP68 and the corrosion resistance characteristics are highly appreciated by customers.

ML50 Solar LED marine lantern, 5-7 NM
ML411A LED marine lantern, solar powered, twilight sensor
ML211A 2 NM marine lantern, solar powered,
LED solar marine lantern, 2 NM vizibility

Solar Marine Lantern

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