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SL63 product specification PDF

lateral vision
Mounting dimensions in mm



Operating temperature SL631A -40˚C ~ +60˚C SL631B -40˚C ~+85℃(over temperature protect)


Material Lens:PC Base:Aluminum


Weight 4.5kg


Humidity 10% ~ 95% (non coagulation)


IP rate IP67



LED lifetime ≥50,000 hours



Operating voltage SL631A AC100V-240V SL631B DC18V-DC32V


Power consumption SL631A 100W SL631B 88W



Product name  LED Flood Light


Product model  SL63

Lampa de balizaj solara de mica intensitate, cu LED si senzor crepuscular, acumulator
27 April 2021

 LED Flood Light

Products description and application


The utility model is mainly used for the lighting of the deck of the ship and the platform of the sea, and can also be used as the auxiliary lighting under the abominable environment.

This product with anti falling chain, improve the safety performance of product.

0°~350° mounting angle and built-in Deutsch socket to make the cable connection convenient.

Protection grade for IP67, can be used in outdoor.

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