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LS810D product instruction PDF

LS810D dimensions
LS810D mounting dimensions

G3/4” pipe for installation, easy for mounting.


Self- contained compartment, with stainless steel wire which is used to secure the unit against falling in operation


Failure warning output function(optional).



Storage temperature  -40˚C ~ +70˚C

Material   Base:Die casting aluminum Housing: PC

Operation humidity   10% ~ 95% (no condensing)

IP Rate   IEC60529 IP65

Reference weight   2.3kg




Input voltage   AC110-240V/DC48V/DC12V


Power consumption  4W



Light Source   LED

LED life    ≥100,000h

Vertical degree  ≥10°

Color   Red

Horizontal degree   360°

Intensity    ≥32.5cd

On/off level    500Lux

Flashing rate      Steady burning(flashing can be customized)

LS810D double obstruction light
24 April 2021

LED duble obstruction lights, low intensity
type A / type B

The LS810D double obstruction light was created to mark obstacles that can be dangerous for aviation flying at low altitudes. Used for heights up to 45m. Extremely reliable, low consumption, ensuring a redundant lamp in the unlikely event that the former fails. It is mounted on the G3 / 4 ”pipe, through which the power supply is made and through which the alarm cable comes out. It starts and stops on its own thanks to the built-in twilight sensor.

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